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Roof Repair

McCurdy-Walden’s repair department is second to none. Our repair trucks are equipped with all types of roofing materials, making sure that your roof gets repaired right the first time. Quality repairs are what separate our company from the others. We won’t smear roof cement on a problem area and hope for the best. Leaks are tracked to a specific location and the roof deficiency is repaired with the best possible materials.

Our repair expertise is in commercial roofing, offering you service on apartment and office buildings, storage facilities, retail establishments, schools and much more. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance program, Guardian Roofcare. Guardian provides upgrades to your existing roof system, adding years to its life, thereby delaying costly reroofs.

Have an Emergency? Need to Schedule a Repair?

If you have an emergency, please call us immediately. Otherwise, feel free to complete our online roof repair request form.

Request Roof Repair

Roof Repair Protocol

  • Uniformed repair crew reports to onsite contact
  • Roof leak is investigated inside the building and located on the roof surface
  • Roof leak technician takes “Before” photo of roof deficiency
  • Leak is repaired using like materials and good roofing practices
  • An “After” photo is taken of newly-installed repair
  • Check in again with onsite contact to inform them the leak has been repaired
  • Damaged ceiling tiles are replaced upon owner request
  • Invoices to include Time & Material Costs and “Before & After” photo
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