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Guardian Roofcare

The intent of the Guardian Roofcare program is to provide worry-free roof systems for building owners, through roof upgrades and periodic maintenance inspections. The Guardian Roofcare plan is designed to extend a new or old roof system well beyond its intended life. This will ultimately prolong the high costs of a complete roof replacement and provide owners with constant care of their roof system.

Most roof maintenance plans cover only the basics: debris removal, gutter cleaning and a periodic inspection. This type of maintenance plan works well, providing the owner with a periodic inspection and cleaning of their roof. However, with a basic maintenance program, any repairs to leaks or other roof deficiencies are an additional charge to the owner. Not with the Guardian Roofcare program, which:

  • Provides owners with constant care of their roof system throughout the year
  • Manages the owner's manufacturer's warranty, cutting through the red tape
  • Includes the repairs of all manufacturer's warranty exclusions
  • Repairs all roof leaks at no additional charge

Roof upgrades recommended in our roof surveys are necessary to return the roof to maintainable condition. The Guardian Roofcare maintenance program is designed to preserve these upgrades and extend the life of the roof as long as possible. Keep in mind that the upgrades and the maintenance program are designed only to extend the life of new and old roof systems. Guardian Roofcare can postpone complete roof replacements for many years; however, old roofs will eventually need to be replaced. It is McCurdy-Walden's goal to slow the aging process and postpone a costly reroof as long as the roof will allow.

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