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Riverton Tower

Project Details

Project Size: 19,000 SF
Project Cost: $297,950.00

Roof System

  • Complete removal of the existing roof system and a temporary roof installed.
  • New lightweight concrete was poured to provide the building with new ¼” per foot slope.
  • Carlisle 115 mil fleece back TPO adhered in Fast-100 low rise foam adhesive directly over the new lightweight concrete.

Project Challenges

This project had several challenges. The height of the 12-story building made it difficult to load materials, remove debris and pump new lightweight concrete. McCurdy-Walden utilized its own 120’ crane to assist in the project. Two separate cellular companies had equipment on the roof surface that had to be removed and replaced to facilitate the new roof. New lightning protection with 120’ downleads had to also be removed and replaced before the roof was complete. Fall arrest systems were required of every McCurdy-Walden employee that worked on the roof.


The project included a 20-year Manufacturer’s warranty covering materials and labor, as well as 2-year Contractor’s workmanship warranty from McCurdy-Walden.


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