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Making Your Roof Last

A roof is a major investment, so it’s smart to do whatever is necessary to make sure it stays in good condition. The majority of building owners have newly-installed roof systems without a proper maintenance plan. Ten, fifteen or twenty year roof systems could last well beyond their life expectancy with the proper roof maintenance program.

Other owners have old roof systems that are in need of roof upgrades that could help extend roof life. By repairing old flashings, sealing old roof penetrations and re-caulking metal flashings, the life of the roof can be extended, postponing costly roof replacements for many years. This practice allows an owner time to budget and set aside the necessary capital for future roof replacement.

It has always been the goal of McCurdy-Walden to upgrade, repair and maintain a roof system as long as the roof will allow, helping owners save money. McCurdy-Walden has many programs in place to upgrade, repair and maintain roof systems.

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Regular Maintenance

Regular inspection and preventive maintenance will keep small problems from becoming big ones. It’s smart to hire a roofing professional to check things out on a regular basis, and do all the necessary maintenance. If you decide to climb up there and check the roof yourself, there are a number of problems to look out for:

  • Ponding Water – When water is ponding on a roof, it means there is improper drainage, and water can begin to damage structures. It may be necessary to install roof drains, or clear obstructed drains that are already in place.
  • Alligatoring - Cracks appear in the surface of a built-up roof system that lead to roof leaks. These cracks resemble an alligators back, thus called “alligatoring.”
  • Blistering – Moisture trapped in the roof system turns to steam during hot days. Blisters rise in the roof membrane eventually breaking.
  • Vertical Flashings – Roof membrane is installed on all roof curbs and walls. These vertical membrane flashings usually deteriorate faster than the field of the roof. These are an excellent candidate for upgrades.
  • Roof Penetrations – Plumbing stacks, HVAC pipe penetrations, etc. are flashing into the field of the roof. These can be replaced or resealed, adding life to a roof system.
  • Caulk Joints – Caulk is used at all counter flashings, wall caps and roof edges. These sealants do not last as long as the roof system and need to be replaced regularly.

All of the above “Regular Maintenance” items are routinely excluded from all major manufacturers roof warranties. These are categorized as “Maintenance Items” and should be constantly maintained to assure a long roof life.

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